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Mapcraft - Fantasy map designer

WorldGen - SciFi universe generator

Mapcraft Web - Web based fantasy map designer

All code for the project is released under the GPL, and is copyright Samuel Penn.

The text on this wiki is dual licensed CC-BY-SA and GPL.

You can contact the author at


Source Code

The latest copy of the source code is available in subversion at Sourceforge and can be checked out if you wish to build the project.

Currently, there are no binary builds of the project available, and it hasn't yet been packaged in a way to make building and installation simple.

The project is being developed with Eclipse, however it should be possible to build it from the ant scripts provided from the command line (or any other Java IDE).


The source code is licensed under the GPL version 2.



All packages are under the hierarchy. I


Data files.


Documentation, including the database creation script.


The web server root. Includes all the associated JSP files, CSS, Javascript and images.

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