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Production is what happens when one commodity is turned into another commodity. The specific flow between commodities is controlled by the operations mapping. The various mappings are as follows

Operation TL Description
Quarry 0 Simple surface mining, especially silicates.
Mine 2 Mining of minerals of most common types, especially ferric.
MineRare 7 Mining of rare earths and similar ores.
MineRad 6 Mining of radioactives.
FoodSynG 9 Creating synthetic foods from base organics (low quality).
FoodSynR 11 Creating synthetic foods from base organics (high quality).
Drill 6 Drilling for oil.
Trawling 5 Deep sea fishing.
Fishing 0 Coastal fishing.
AgHg 0 Hunter gatherers
AgFa 0 Basic farming.
AgSc 0 Scavaging
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