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Different worlds produce different goods. The hard part is working out which worlds produce what, and how much of it they produce. Worlds have natural Resources which are mined/farmed to produce raw goods. All worlds have these, though uninhabited worlds wont have anyone to actually dig the stuff up, and sell it.

Refined goods need production capacity of some kind. The end goal is to keep track of what types of facilities each world has for doing this.

For example:

  • Mining Facility, mines raw minerals.
  • Ore Refinery, produces refined material.
  • Heavy Industry, produces starship hull material etc.
  • Light Industry, produces household goods.
  • Electronics Industry, produces computers.

Each world has 'facilities', which produce these things. The more (and better) of a type of facility, the more goods are produced. The number of facilities a world can have is limited by its population.

Give a world Production Capacity, which is based on its population, modified by government types.

Government PC Power
Standard 0.50
Anarchy 0.30
Dictatorship 0.45
Corporation 0.60

So, the standard figure is population^0.5, or the square root of the population. Anarchy governments are probably the worst, at somewhat less than the cube root.

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