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Atmosphere Type

The atmosphere type, along with the AtmospherePressure, define the nature of the world's atmosphere. Atmosphere classifications are deliberately broad, mostly because working out anything more detailed is far more complex, and would probably lead to less realistic results because of errors.

Types of Atmosphere

  • Inert - Inert gases and vacuum worlds
  • Breathable - Earth-like atmospheres which can be breathable.
  • Jovian - Atmospheres of Gas Giant worlds.
  • Cold - Atmospheres of cold terrestrial worlds.
  • Deadly - Deadly atmospheres which need special suits.
  • Exotic - Anything which doesn't fall into the above.

Environmental Protection

Many atmospheres require some level of protective clothing, which may range from a simple breathing mask, right up to a mini-tank. The general level of protection required can be described using the standard Imperium Ratings Code, as detailed below:

  • I: A simple filtering mask. Does not provide its own oxygen supply.
  • II: An oxygen mask, rated for VeryThin or thicker atmospheres with little or no oxygen.
  • II/b: As II, but includes eye protection.
  • III: Full skin protection, suitable for VeryThin or thicker atmospheres.
  • IV: Vacuum suits, always contain their own oxygen supply and provide some protection against radiation and poisonous gases.
  • V: Hard suits, for protection in highly radioactive or corrosive environments. Bulkier than standard vacuum suit, but not greatly so.
  • VI: High pressure suits, very bulky, very difficult to move in. Anything more than this is considered a vehicle in itself.


A rough measure of the quality of the world.

Garden World

Can be lived on without any form of protection, ideal place where everyone wants to live. These will always be Gaian worlds.


Can be lived on without protection for the most part, but are unpleasant in some respects. They may be dry, cold, or have a polluted atmosphere.


Can be lived on with some protection. Atmosphere is probably very thin, or temperature might be very cold or Hot. The atmosphere is breathable however, and temperature survivable.


Cannot go onto the surface without protection. Vacuum worlds, or too cold to survive.


World is actively hostile, and requires far more than just a space suit. Dense atmosphere, extreme temperatures, acidic rain etc.

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