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Mapcraft - Fantasy map designer

WorldGen - SciFi universe generator

Mapcraft Web - Web based fantasy map designer

All code for the project is released under the GPL, and is copyright Samuel Penn.

The text on this wiki is dual licensed CC-BY-SA and GPL.

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Map Legend

Map Hex The new star maps have a number of codes and icons associated with them which differ from the old Traveller norm. This is to aid readability for people who don't want to memorise the UWP, and also offloads some data into a dynamic display area.

At the top is the sector coordinate (0602) in the format XXYY, counting from 0101 at the top left of the sector. The name of the system (Porto) is in bold at the bottom.

The number and types of stars are shown in the centre, with colour and size denoting the colour and size of the star.

Below the coordinates, is the starport type and tech level (B/11). A starports are the large, E the smallest. A dash represents no official starport at all. tech levels are taken from GURPS Traveller, so TL 12 is the highest TL available to the Imperium, TL 8 is modern day.

Above the system name are some details on the main world's society (Fd/2/20m). This is a general indication of government type (Fd: Fuedal), law level (2: light laws) and population (20m: twenty million).

Icons denoting trade codes are on the left, in this case the main world of Porto is a rich agricultural world.

Icons denoting ecology and other factors is on the right. Porto has surface water, and an extensive ecology supporting large land animals. The 'N' denotes that it is also home to an Imperium Navy base.

Icon Meanings

Trade Codes

Agricultural world

Main world is an asteroid belt

Barren, Has an atmosphere, but no liquid water or life.

Sub sector capital

Sector capital

Desert world, Has little or no standing water, but has an atmosphere and some life.

Non-water oceans

High population

Ice caps, All water is locked up in frozen ice, normally at the poles.

Industrial world

Low population

Mining world

Non-agricultural world

Non-industrial world

Pirate base

Poor world

Science/Research station

Rich world

Vacuum world, Has no effective atmosphere.

Water world, Over 99% of the surface is covered with liquid water.


Navy base

Scout base

Planet Type

Main world is terrestrial

Main world has surface water

Life Level

Main world has ocean life, but no land life.

Main world has land life (plants, few or no large animals)

Main world has a complex and extensive level of land life.

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