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Consumers consume commodities, either as end products, or to turn them into other things. Firstly, we need to be able to figure out what people want. Doing it per commodity would be way too complex, so try and simplify into generalities.

Code Description
Fo Food item, needed by everyone.
Lu Luxury item, only needed by Ri worlds.
Ag Agricultural product needed by Ag worlds.
In Industrial product needed by In worlds.
Mi Mining product needed by Mi worlds.
Re Research/scientific product needed by Re worlds.
Sp Needed by space ports of D and above.
SP Needed by B and A space ports.
Fi Personal firearms.
Ht High tech goods (8-11).
Mt Mid tech goods (6-8).
Lt Low tech goods (1-6).
Ut Ultra tech goods (11+).
En Entertainment products.
Nv Used by Navy bases.
Sc Used by Scout bases.
Va Used in vacuum environments.
Ho Used in hot environments.
Co Used in cold environments.
Po Used to manage pollution.
Ex Used to survive in extreme environments.
Ge General product, used everywhere.
De Used in dry environments.
Wa Water worlds.

All goods have a consumption rating. This is modified up or down depending on which trade codes a planet and commodity match.

  • Lu: !Ri, then -2, Po then -5.
  • Ag: !Ag, then -2, Na then -5.
  • In: !In, then -3, Ni then -7.
  • Mi: !Mi, then -5.
  • Re: !Re, then -5.
  • Sp: X/E: -10; D: -3; C: -1;
  • SP: X/E/D: -10; C: -5; B: -2


Commodity Codes
Vegetables Fo
Fruit Fo
Meat Fo
Steel In Mt
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