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A Civilisation is a population living on a planet. They don't exist as a standalone entity in the model, but refers to the population data held on each planet.

To determine the type of civilisation on a planet, there are three main factors to take into account.

Primary Factors


This is an indication of how habitable a planet is. The more habitable planets tend to have larger populations. Some planets can't have planet based societies at all.

There is the Hostility Index, which is represented by trade codes H0 - H5. The lower the index, the nicer the world. Anything above H2 is considered inhospitable.


Trade Code: H0

Earth-like worlds, where there's plenty of food and the environment isn't trying to kill you.


Trade Code: H1

Similar to Earth worlds, but poor quality. Reduced food or water, or a poor quality atmosphere. Generally, small populations living on the surface aren't a problem, but larger populations will require lots of off-world support, or high technology.

At high tech levels, tend to be Industrial worlds.


Trade Code: H2

Living on the surface without life support isn't possible for long periods. Very Thin atmospheres, high levels of impurities, Hot or Cold. Food may or may not be present, but generally isn't the deciding factor.


Trade Code: H3

Life support is required. Unbreathable atmosphere or vacuum, Very Hot or Very Cold. Food sources will most probably be non-existent.


Trade Code: H4

Active measures required to stay alive, the environment is out to kill you. Venus like worlds. Orbital colonies are most likely, if at all.

Extremely Hostile

Trade Code: H5

Don't even bother trying. Jovian worlds.

Population Size

Tiny (1000 - 100K)

Trade Code: Lo

Populations less than 100,000. These are barely self-sufficient beyond TL 6. Probably new colonies, mining stations or research centres.

Small (100K - 10M)

Less than 10 million, this is a small rural economy on ideal or habitable worlds. This is the smallest population considered to be properly self sufficient at TL 7-8.

Medium (10M - 1B)

Multiple cities, many individual towns. Some real diversity possible at this point, and proper Industrial economies. On Ideal worlds, will be considered rural. Can be self sufficient up to TL 10.

Large (1B - 10B)

Trade Code: Hi

Anything over a billion is considered a real civilisation. Most ideal worlds cap out around a few billion, and are considered self-sufficient at any technology level.

Huge (10B+)

Trade Code: Hi

Populations above 10 billion are rare, but do exist. All are Industrial worlds, and consist of dense city-spanning arcologies. Require TL9+ to exist, unless they are Hives.

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