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Terrestrial Group

The Terrestrial group includes rocky worlds that tend to range in mass between 0.02 and 5.0 times that of the Earth. They are massive enough to have geological activity, a magnetic field and an atmosphere.

ProtoActive Class

These are Terrestrial worlds which are still in the process of forming.

Epistellar Class

These are Terrestrial worlds tidally locked to their primary star.

Telluric Class

Such worlds do not support a continuous hydrological cycle. They tend to have thick atmospheres due to geological outgassing, and may undergo constant resurfacing due to either continuous or cataclysmic events.

  • Phosphorian - Very hot world with atmosphere and no cloud cover.
  • Cytherean - Hot world with dense atmosphere and thick cloud cover.

Arid Class

These are dry Terrestrial worlds that support a limited hydrological cycle which may include an accompanying ecology.

Tectonic Class

Such worlds support a continuous hydrological cycle and often an accompanying biosphere. The surface crust is split into continental and oceanic crusts, and they have an active geologic cycle with a magnetic field.

Gaian Type

  • EoGaian - Young Gaian worlds, up to a few billion years old. They have carbon dioxide or methane atmospheres, and possibly limited bacterial life.
  • MesoGaian - A world with a prominent microbiological ecosystem. The atmosphere may contain large levels of oxygen.
  • EuGaian - Mature Gaian world with a full biological ecosystem.
  • BathyGaian - Hot ocean world with no surface land. They generally support life deep within the oceans.
  • ChloriticGaian - Simple life with a Chlorine filled atmosphere.
  • AmuGaian - Cold world with ammonia filled water ocean.
  • ThioGaian - Gaian world based on sulphur photosynthesis rather than oxygen.
  • GaianGelidian - Gaian world locked in a frozen state.
  • PostGelidian - Gaian world which is beginning to lose most of its surface water.

Amunian Type

Carbon rich worlds, depirved of water, silicates and other oxygen-bearing compounds. They are cold worlds, which have an Ammonia based hydrological cycle.

Tartarian Type

Rich in methane and carbon compounds.

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