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Similar to EoGaian worlds, EoArean are Arean worlds early in their development, before their atmosphere and any geological activity has stabalised. They are hot, volcanic worlds, possibly with an ocean. They are inhospitable for humans.

Whereas a Gaian world may last for the good part of a billion years in its EoGaian phase, EoArean worlds settle down into the MesoArean phase much quicker, within a few hundred million years. Being a smaller world, it cools much quicker and once the geological processes have stopped the atmosphere begins to thin quite quickly.


Similar to EuArean and MesoArean, with the addition of surface water and a thicker atmosphere.

A metallic core is still molten, and may still have a weak magnetic field.

Atmosphere will tend to be Thin or Standard.

Supported Features

  • EquatorialRidge - east/west mountains along the equator.
  • PolarRidge - north/south mountains.
  • GiantCrater - huge crater near the equator.
  • HeavilyCratered - many more craters than normal.
  • SingleSea - single sea in one hemisphere.
  • EquatorialSea - all water near the equator
  • Smooth - no mountains, few craters.


2d6 Life level
2-11 None
12 Organic





Carbonic Water


Base Organics (if life)

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