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Arean worlds are similar to Gaian worlds, but smaller, only a few thousand kilometres in radius. They lose their atmosphere and heat much quicker and by the time the solar system has stabalised and life is ready to form, they are often nearly airless, cold and inert.

See also: EoArean and Arean Lacustric


They have small iron cores, with a mantle and crust. Plate techtonics has nearly always ceased.

Most of the surface is bare rock or dust. Craters are common due to the thin atmosphere and lack of water to erode them. However, many will be shallow and filled with dust, so not immediately obvious.

Surface temperature will tend to be between Cold and Standard.

Supported Features

  • EquatorialRidge - east/west mountains along the equator.
  • PolarRidge - north/south mountains.
  • GiantCrater - huge crater near the equator.
  • HeavilyCratered - many more craters than normal.
  • Smooth - no mountains, few craters.


Life levels on an Arean world will rarely be anything more than bacteria. The seas have long since dried up - the only water will be found in frozen deposits beneath the surface.

Arean worlds are always deserts with no standing water. Atmosphere is never thicker than VeryThin.


Silicates, possibly some Aquam (as ices).

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