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Many Gaian-type worlds eventually stabalise into the ArchaeoGaian type. The atmosphere is at least partially the product of life, and at least ocean based life is plentiful though the land is barren.

Given enough time, they may go on to become Gaian worlds unless some big change takes it down a different path. However, some worlds may go for billions of years without life ever making the leap to land. Often, this is because the world lacks a magnetic field and suitably thick atmosphere to protect the land from deadly solar radiation.


Once multicelled life arises, the path to even more complex forms tends to be quick. See the following distribution.

2d6 Life level
2-3 Archaean
4-7 Aerobic
8-11 Complex Ocean
12 Simple Land

Such worlds with an Archaean life level, tend to have a lot of it, generally huge bacterial or amoeba colonies which cover the seas.

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