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Mapcraft - Fantasy map designer

WorldGen - SciFi universe generator

Mapcraft Web - Web based fantasy map designer

All code for the project is released under the GPL, and is copyright Samuel Penn.

The text on this wiki is dual licensed CC-BY-SA and GPL.

You can contact the author at


Layered Images

BIG disadvantage of image based map - I can't draw :-(

So if we do go for layered images…

  • Map is represented by square tiles.
  • Each tile has a terrain type defined for it.
  • Each tile represents 8×8 pixels on the 'pretty' map.
  • Each tile has a height and primary area
  • Each tile represents 1km

Can still use dynamic resolution - some areas might have one tile per 4km or 16km for example.

Also need to have vectored paths of some type, and locations such as towns and villages in an object layer.

Image is cut into 64×64 tile areas for caching.

Drawing the Image

How do we draw the actual image? Obvious answer is GIMP, but we need to map this back to tiles.

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