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Mapcraft - Fantasy map designer

WorldGen - SciFi universe generator

Mapcraft Web - Web based fantasy map designer

All code for the project is released under the GPL, and is copyright Samuel Penn.

The text on this wiki is dual licensed CC-BY-SA and GPL.

You can contact the author at



The main aim is to have an AJAX enabled front end for a map, so that is can be scrolled, zoomed and searched in a similar way to Google Maps.

  • Use JQuery for the JS API. This seems to be nicely full featured.
  • URL addressability. Important for linking to from embedded encyclopedia maps.
  • Must work on Android, so can access from tablets.
  • Optional personal view. This shows where a party has been. Needs to be able to add to this area in a secure way.
  • Ability to add notes to locations.
  • Link to Yagsbook encyclopedia for URI enabled named places.

Just a simple single page, directly accessable without prior JSF session.

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